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Beijing - Datong / Datong - Beijing

There are more than 10 trains from Beijing to Datong. In most cases the train tickets which take Beijing as their starting station are easier to book. Those trains are K trains (Fast Train), which are the best category in this route. The distance between the two cities is about 370 kilometers.


Recommended Trains


Beijing - Datong K trains are air - conditioned and provide hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper tickets. One trip of Beijing  - Datong K train takes about 6 hours. As the price difference between a hard seat and a hard/soft sleeper is about 8/16 USD per person, choosing a sleeper will make your journey much more comfortable.


From Beijing to Datong


K615 leaves Beijing West Station at 15:40 and arrives in Datong at 21:48.


From Datong to Beijing


K616 leaves Datong at 08:06 and arrives at Beijing West Station at 14:35.



    1. Train tickets are point-to-point only, i.e. Tickets are NOT valid any more once the passenger gets off the train halfway.
    2. The fare and time on your train ticket shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency.


    All quoted prices include ticket fares, service fees and taxes.


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    2.Please submit your inquiry at least 25 days prior to your travel date.


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    are for general reference only and are subject to changes.


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