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Baggage Allowance

1. When taking an international train, an adult is allowed to take at most 35kg of carry-on baggage for free while a child under 12 years old is allowed to take 15kg of baggage for free. The total length, width and height of each baggage cannot exceed 200cm.The over weighted part has to be checked


2. The baggage will be checked at the Baggage Drop-off Counter of Beijing Railway Station. The check-in time is in the morning one day before departure. The counter and custom office is closed on weekends, so passengers leaving on Monday should check their baggage in advance on Friday.


3. The baggage check-in procedure needs the passenger’s passport and train ticket. To check a bicycle, leave it unlocked and unpacked.


4. The baggage check-in fee is CNY 7.5 / kg for the Beijing-Ulan Bator train. Each bicycle costs CNY 150. The charge on Beijing-Moscow train is CNY 16.8 / kg and a bicycle costs CNY 200. The price is adjusted to the changes of international exchange rate.


Prohibited Items

1. Items whose transportation is prohibited or limited by the government.


2. Dangerous goods, including flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous, radioactive materials, etc.


3. Animals and goods (goods with revolting smell included) which will affect public hygiene.


4. Items which may harm other passengers in the train.


5. Baggage that exceeds the limitation of the regulation.


6. Rod-shaped baggage which exceeds 200 cm in length.

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